After detailed survey of the side and discussion with security In charge, we have formulated the following strategy to take in to consideration the special nature and size of any project.
Its success, therefore, will depend on the quality and efficiency of services. The strategic would be implemented by using three elements.

We assign a full time qualified Manager with proven experience in the field to the contract, with a full support team.

The Team is responsible for the monitoring the performance & ensures that the land down quality standard are adhered
Whatever believes that the best result for any assignment is possible if we deploy our quality audit team to such a period that allows us to co-ordinate and streamline the security systems and also introduce new inceptors and systems where applicable after mutual agreement.

Mobile Sector Field officers check every site on a daily basis both at night as well as in the day

Our office is manned on a round the clock basis. There is a Security Officer on duty in the control Room and he is supported by a mobile patrol. They are desired to handle every type of emergency at night and on holidays

Our operations Manager visits the site once in a fortnight to discuss mutual problem. Additinally, he is available for meeting of emergencies whenever there is a requirement.